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Great thread!

I have a 2005 ZS 1.8. As my car had only 1 keyfob, I got a 2nd keyfob for my vehicle in 2012 supplied and programmed by an auto locksmith. All has been working fine until a week ago when I opened the car with the 2nd fob OK. However, beyond that the same fob will not start or lock the car.

The original fob continues to work OK.

I called the auto locksmith to look at the 2nd fob and he told me that the fob is transmitting OK but it will not re-programme as the system says it is 'failed'. He had a new fob with a new barcode to try and again it displayed 'failed'. He tells me he's not seen this before where the vehicle only accepts 1 fob. He suspects the Pektron unit may have a glitch? All other areas are working fine i.e. horn/windows/wipers etc.

I'm nervous running the car with 1 fob. Any ideas on this?


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Great work technozen ;)

But i have a small problem with the BCU location -_-
I have a mk2 zr160 LEFTHANDED DRIVE with removed aircon ...
The bcu wasn't behind the aircon box ... is there any other location on the mk2 ?

My problem ... driver window won't go up -_-

Edit : never mind ... just found it (it's in the same location as on the ZS)

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mg stress then relief

Ok had a go at replacing 2 relays in the scu today. Stressed because the scu is sooo important and did not want to do it wrong.

Car unlocked, turned engine over. Battery disconnected.

I undid both sides of the centre console. I undid both sides of the bracket holding the scu. Longer to do but easier to remove the unit.

Marked the connectors ( did not need to as they are all different sizes)
Pushed in tabs on the connectors to pull them free. Not stressed yet.

Scu out. Gentle prising with a small slotted screw driver to remove the base part of the scu box.

Earthed myself against a radiator pipe.

45watt soldering iron de soldered the legs of a relay.
I couldn't find a pic of the circuit board upside down. I eyed up which pads to de solder. The tip on my soldering iron was a little dirty. It did not do a great job. Relay not budging.
Very stressed. Time for a cuppa.
A new tip and solder sucker later, job desoldered. However the relay would still not come out. I very gently rocked the relay away from the pads that had no solder still in them. The final pads i used another iron with a pointed tip to push the legs through.

This took ages to remove one relay.
Relief. I soldered the new one in, in about 5 minutes.

All connected and I have a working drivers window. 3 years without it.

Technozen. supplied the bits and info needed. Many, many thanks.

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Pektron scu

hi how much would it be to solder a TPIC6C595 in to the scu as the horn is constantly on i have already put all five relays in but this one is a bit harder to do and i feel that a would mess it up any help would be appreciated

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Hello technozen.
I am italien, i am desagreed for the difficult on the italian garage for the riparation of my rover 75 2.0 v6 2001 old.
I have change the thermostate, and the car not start:
not electricity on spark plug;
not fuel pump;
not central locking switch;
not fob central locking;

Please help me, my rover is good car but if necessary sobstitution of parts or
reprogramming code i send to you the necessary.

Very thanks
Best regards


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how to program the zr control

Good morning technozen, the problem is the original control doesn´t works, and when i try to program a new control with his bar code the scanner says failled, the car is mg zr 2004, everyithing is working ok, we are from Mexico,
The eka code is working all right. We hope you can help us, either you can tell us what´s wrong and is there any charger no problem, we can deposit you for the course, just give us account number or we have to send you the module, that´s all and we apreciate your information thank you.
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