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Anyone know what the PECO back boxes with the oval tailpipe 120mm x 90mm are like sound wise?

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cant decide between that at £135 or the scorpion back box at £180, need to know what they will sound like or at least if they will sound any diff to standard. as I bought a PECO Big Bore 2 back box for my mk1 mondeo a few years back and that made abolutley no sound at all
Anyone got any ideas at all?
I've been told that Peco exhuasts are quite quiet.
If I were you, I would get a quote from a Powerflow dealer first, you may be suprised.
Hi mate, I've got a big boare 4, only bought it because it was cheap... made no difference to the noise but this actualy suits me as I'll soon be learning I won't be driving around with a loud exhaust and can also concentrare more on the sound of the engine. The backbox does not go straight through like other exhausts such as rage, I think this is actualy a good thing as it retains the back pressure. Heres a pic :p

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Yer the peco's are pretty quite, i had a powermaster 2 and it was fairly quite.
yer i started with peco (boxer 4" backbox) on my 1st car, in my experience they are quiet, don't do anything to performance, ended up drilling a hole in my airbox to let SOME sound out of my exhaust, as said above try powerflow, exhaustsuk do some nice tailpipes, some are OTT
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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