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Ok first thing is a tower PC, everything is there except the hard-drive and graphics card. Its an Athlon 750, 384MB PC133 RAM, 52X CD-ROM, Floppy, Sound blaster Live! with Digital out, LAN, USB etc. Loads of fans for your cooling pleasure. Looking for about 100 euro for this? - Will split

Next is a Western Digital 120 GB IDE HDD - About 3 weeks old, Part Number WD1200 - 80 euro?

Next is a GeForce 3D Prophet 32mb DDR DVI AGP Card - Great card done me proud, may be of use to someone because theres a DVI & TV-Out on it... Donkt know what this is worth, make me an offer.

I also have a 'Twinkle Cam' Web camera, tenner and its your, never opened.
Pics of all can be found below..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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