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I have had a Parrot MKI9200 installed in my ZT CDTi saloon that has the Highline sat nav. It does just about everything I want and pretty well but, there's always a but, when I access music and the internal Parrot amp kicks in I get a whining/buzzing sound coming out of the speakers (it only uses the fronts). This sound increases in pitch as I accelerate. It isn't very loud but it is there. This happens with or without the phone connected and playing PM3's off a USB stick. The company I used say they have little knowledge of installing the MKI9200 in a car like mine as the ICE has been replaced in its entirety. My system is:

  • 16/9 Highline boardmonitor with tape deck
  • BM54 Tuner in the boot
  • Hybrid BMW TV tuner
  • The CD autochanger is the only original part :lol:
  • BMW 61.12-6 924 785 10-Pin to 12-Pin Radio Audio Input Adapter
  • BMW 61.12-6 913 957 Round Pin to Flat Pin Main Radio Harness Adapter
  • BMW 61.12-6 913 955 New Gen Radio Antenna Adapter
I'm now running out of ideas. Anybody else installed one and noticed this buzzing/whining/cross talk type sound or anybody know what may be causing it and how to fix it?
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