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Paint cracks around the front badge

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Dear MG TF enthusiast,

I bring your attention to some issue that may not be new, but I could not find any tread about it.

It happens that I noticed some sort of very tiny, not deep, cracks of the paint surrounding the front badge of my TF, apparently some of them seem to be new. They could be visible standing from a close distance.

I wonder if some of you could advise me on whether it is possible to find a solution to this, and/or probably to find out which is the reason why they started to appear.

I thank you for your consideration and help.
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Are the cracks in the paint or lacquer, or both? Does it look like someone has tried to swipe it.
We've had a lot more sun than we normally do this year, It could be that the metalwork has expanded at a different rate to the badge, although I'm not sure it would cause that sort of damage but just a thought.

Thank you for your kind message.

I would say the cracks are in the paint. Apparently it is difficult to find evidence that someone may have tried to remove the badge. I would try to upload a photograp to provide some more info.

Just to say, this cracks are as thin as a hair.
it's where someone has bumped the bumper (very common damage with these bumpers)or leaned on it looking in the "boot" with the bonnet up and one hand on the badge,the paint doesn't flex very much. Back in the day we used to bother putting additives in the paint to increase its flexibility on flimsy plasticwork.The colder the temperature the more brittle paint is.
Hi Friend,

Thank you for your thoughts

As of now the only damage in the front bumper is in the lower area *not visible*, due to impact to the pavement at the time of taking roads with high slope.

But maybe this is also part of the problem since external pressure to the bumper may change the bumper position just for seconds, and this may be combined with the issue of paint that you kindly explain.

It happens that every day have to go through a small slope to get my car out of the garage, but most of the time I have to do this in a way that the car is not perpendicular to the street {probably an easiest way to explain is to imagine that you initiate your way trhough a street with slope while you are turning}. When I am in this situation usually I have some crunches of the hardtop because of the pressure on the car is not uniform.

I am sure some other MG TF ownwer posted a pic for other purposesd but it was a very good one because the problem I am reffering to was visible.

Thank you again for your time and useful thoughts

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We've had a lot more sun than we normally do this year, ..........
I guess you don't live in the UK then:lol:

I think tomorrow I can post the pics.

All the best :discostu:
I guess you don't live in the UK then:lol:
We had a full two weeks here in Portsmouth :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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