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Well finally after all the work that went in to my Zr 160 i got its figs back, 183BHP :) at the engine and 139 at the wheels!!

Ive done all i can do alone, its now in the hands of a pro whos hopefully is havin fun working on it, ill keep you posted on this!

Mods i did/ had done:

-Powerchips mapping
-Full Janspeed Exhaust, including WORKING de-cat and 4-2-1
-CF Alu filter with cold air feed.

as far as power went thats all that counts. broke the engine mounts :err:

Other stuff that really doesnt matter much :p

-Lexus Style rear lights
-Front Strut bar (thanks Steve B)
-Magnacore leads , not really needed just got offered them done for me as a prototype for cheap so why not
-OZ Superleggera Race Silver 17s

I think that was all. She was fast, just not fast enough ;) losts more to come still paying it all off too !!! but yes Stay Tuned for Rains Summer update ;) should be very very interesting!

Bodystyling, suspension left as stock to keep the cops off my ****.

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What RR was that?

The losses seem to high for a K series to have over 180 @ fly with only 139 @ wheels going by all of the other results around.

Good effort though in getting to 139 @ wheels though. Keep us informed of what you get up to next.
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