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Hi all not sure what forum to post this in but i could really do withe your help :sad3:
I got myself a Rover 220Gti (Rover Engine DOHC) and i got back from a drive and noticed oil leaking , so i took a look under the car itself and seen hot oil dripping from the engine on the driverside , also i have noticed the car is starting to whine when driving !! this is pretty disturbing as i have only had the car 1 DAY.
Any help on this would be excellent .



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You need to be a bit more specific about where the leak is comming from. This engine can leak from a host of areas.
Get underneath and get oily. You may have to clean things up a little before you can see where it is coming from.

The M and T series engines are prone to leaks from the cam covers and cylinder head gaskets.

The good news is that it's curable. If it is the cam covers, new cam cover gaskets fitted and correctly torqued down will stop the leak. If it is the head gasket, then a new gasket (preferably a "Klinger" type) should do it.

I've just cured the leaks on our 800 Vitesse - a Klinger headgasket set, new cylinder head bolts and a day and a half in the garage (doing the job myself) did the trick. £40 for the head gasket set (including new cam cover bolts), £30 for new head bolts and £13 for a new timing belt whilst at it.

I don't know how handy you are with the socket set, so you may need to get a quote from a garage for the job. Cam cover gaskets are easy enough - just don'tover torque the bolts (get a Haynes manual). A good start is to clean it up with some Gunk and a hosepipe and then you can see exactly where it's coming from.

As for the whine - it is probably worn input bearings on the gearbox. If the noise goes away when you press down on the clutch that confirms it. It will probably last for many miles yet - but then it could fail tomorrow!

Usually, it will get VERY noisy before it dies. Repair involves removal of the box and replacement of the bearing, probably a specialist job unless you are handy with the spanners. However, before condemning the box, do check that the fluid level is OK.
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