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Oi thats my MG ZS!

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Hi All.
Finally lost my MG Virginity..
Bought my self a MG ZS TD a few weeks ago. She is totally standard at the moment and was in a bit of a mess.
Body work is rust and dent free luckily but she was in dire need of a T cut and good polish. sods law though. couple of week ends ago I sent several hours buffing and polishing her. Went out with the family, came back to the car park to find some ******* had crashed into the side of her!! did not even leave a note.
So luckily bought a new door from local breaker. £50
The interior is in great condition apart from its very dirty! in dire need of a deep valet! bought a second had machine of Ebay for £100. will be used for house carpets etc after the car lol
As for the engine.. seems pretty good too.. but does need more power for sure. Luckily there is a guy on here that just lives up the road who is willing to provide SDI injectors, De Cat pipe, increase my boost, and do a remap!
I already have an induction kit that I will be fitting soon.

I live in Northern Ireland, does any one know of any meets over here or useful contacts?

Thanks all.
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Welcome. How annoying that must have been after spending ages on the body to find someone has crashed into it...
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