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Offroad tyres - any suggestions?

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I'll be needing some tyres soon enough for the 110, which spends most of it's time being driven or winched through the woods up to it's axles in mud.

The local landy guy says buy 'grabbers' and then tells me their great because they don't make so much road noise.

That's all very well but I really don't use it on road much and don't care how much noise they make. I'm in need of something nice and chunky that really bites into the bog. Any suggestions?

(must be road legal though as I drive the road to get to the forest).
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Thanks for that. Special track looks reasonable for the mud. Prices better than expected too.
They are remoulds and thats ok i rarely get it to 50mph. Didnt know about the 8 ply thing though.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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