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Norfolk /suffolk meet

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hi all anyone wanna meet this comin friday (NORWICH CITY CENTRE) or sunday (YARMOUTH SEA FRONT).. would be good to meet a few other MG/Rover owners in the area.. anyone up for it post on here or reply in thread.. if we get enough people interested we could make it a regular thing
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so can i take that as no-ones interested :(
Won't get me up Yarmouth Sea Front anymore, not since I had a big bored Ford.

Most work on Friday's as well and Norwich will be packed. I'm not at work Friday anyway, but do work in Norwich.
might be up for it don't know anyone up there though.
i dont know many people thats kinda my aim with the meet is to hopefully meet sum MGR enthusiasts.. i often see a crew up yarmouth of3 or 4 ZR's but they never seem to ackonwledge my existence even if i flash
i know what ya mean.
if your not it their crew your not it their crew lol. ;)
lol whenever ive been down to yarmouth in the summer with mates (non zr) but spoken to the people who have them they dont have a clue about the car they are driving and just have a zr for the sake of it and actually feel like im talking into thin air, one chap has a 2005 silver zr with paint stripper on it (clear to see) and he was telling me how its been happening for months and how he was going to go to the ex mgr dealer in lowestoft to get it done under the 10yr paint warranty and i told him mgr are no more and he was persistant that they have to 'honour' it LOL. At that paint i walked off. One person with a tb 2003 zr 160 he is good to talk to.
At that paint i walked off.
I don't know if that was a slip of the keyboard or an intended joke, either way :hyper:
I don't know if that was a slip of the keyboard or an intended joke, either way :hyper:
Shocking lol, i did mean point but i was wound up about the paint so I had that on my mind lol
I'm up for a meet in Norwich if others were to come.

There is a lot of T**ts up Yarmouth, all boy racers with bad attitudes. Might be worth finding a nice friendly country pub with a good size outdoor area, and meet up once a month on a Sunday day??
Just a suggestion :)
Any1 still up for these meets ? My zr is currently off the road for another week but id be up for a meet
yay! theres people from neck of the woods! i live in beccles, a local meet would be good!
Well just let me know guys if anyone is meeting up at any point. Don't want to do the seafront thing as there is a lot of tit5 up there.
If anyone see's me knocking about just give me a flash. Can't miss me really, I think I have the only TB 180 saloon in the area. The first part of my reg is P111 ;)
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