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non-spin wheel nuts

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might sound like a silly question but are non-spin wheel nuts ok on alloys?

I prefer the spin washer type but budget and supply might not allow - depending on what the problem is I am also prone to remove the wheels several times so will get usage - in light of this are non-spin ones ok?

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I just wish I knew what non-spin wheel nuts were. :err:
I just wish I knew what non-spin wheel nuts were. :err:
i'll take that as a stab at a joke..............after all if all you have known is an MGF then would would have been brought up in very good hands..........
Do you mean nuts without a washer as opposed to nuts with a washer?
if you use non spinners the nut will damage the seat in the wheel
thats what I suspected..............damn!

would adding a washer (or even a rubber one) suffice at all?
it'd have to be a conical washer, then the cone size of the nut would not seat correctly, as for a rubber washer...erm no !
I have seen them used on other cars so long as it is a hard rubber.......I might have to stick with MG ones till I can afford to get some proper research in :(

thinking about it though maybe rubber IS NOT such a good idea!
I just wish I knew what non-spin wheel nuts were. :err:
I thought that this was a good question and didn't understand the reply to that post. Could someone please enlighten me (and northend) - what are non-spin wheel nuts?
they are wheel nuts that do not have a washer on their base that spins:

unlike these for example:

In my humble opinion the spin type are MUCH better...........
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Aha! Thanks for that.

And no, my original post was not a joke. I mean really what you mean is a wheel nut with no washer, not a non-spin wheel nut which implies no thread or that you bash it on.
the spinning washers stop damage occurring to the wheel
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