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No More overheating! :-)

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Hello everyone.

I posted a while ago asking bout my TF's issues.

The judder at 1500-2000 revs was head gasket related - since new head gasket been done - no more judder! yay

Im buzzing now, no over heating, no judder!

Its all coming together now, kenwood blutooth head unit is in, front door speakers and rear 6x4 speakers are in and sounding great.

Active sub and amp are booked in for next week, as is the blowing exhaust manifild gaskett.

I have only had the car for about a month, few issues but now were good to go :)

This is i suppose a celebration thgread now!
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Great news Biffa, well done for getting it sorted.

Respect sent :broon:
Good to hear you're getting those issues sorted.

Touch wood, we haven't had any problems yet with our TF, but I know from having previous cars with 'issues' that it can really dampen your confidence in the car, and you don't want that with these fun cars :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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