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Tokyo (2 June, 2006) – Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, and Suzuki Motor Corporation have today announced in Tokyo that they have agreed to expand the scope of their business collaboration. Further to the existing OEM supply of Suzuki minicars to Nissan and the supply of automatic transmissions to Suzuki through Nissan’s affiliate company Jatco, Ltd, the two companies are now studying the following items:

· Starting from the end of 2006, Nissan will supply a small MPV-style vehicle to Suzuki on an OEM basis and Suzuki will supply another Suzuki mini-vehicle to Nissan on an OEM basis. Both products are solely for the Japanese market.

· From 2008, Nissan will supply a compact pickup truck to Suzuki on an OEM basis for sale mainly in North America. Suzuki will provide a new A-segment vehicle for Nissan on an OEM basis for sale mainly in Europe.

· Nissan and Suzuki will start manufacturing collaboration in new emerging markets by sharing their respective manufacturing facilities. This activity will start at Suzuki’s plant in India.

“Through our existing agreement with Suzuki, we have built up a relationship of trust and partnership for mutual benefit,” said Nissan Chief Operating Officer Toshiyuki Shiga. “This expansion is part of Nissan’s continuing drive into new market segments and further global expansion, as set out in the Nissan Value-Up business plan,” continued Shiga.

“This expansion of business collaboration with Nissan will strengthen Suzuki’s global competitiveness through pursuit of economies of scale in production volume by additional OEM business opportunities. It will also ensure Suzuki achieves its mid term five-year business plan by complementing its product portfolio in new segments,” said Suzuki President and Chief Operating Officer Hiroshi Tsuda.
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