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Seriously though, if you interpreted the speculation a different way to most people (including the press) you might come to the following conclusions:

MGR are signing a deal to purchase a large stake in SAIC, but will remain independent

MGR will liscence most of their existing IP (engines, cars, brands) to SAIC, and develop new products for themselves and SAIC in return for lots of wonga.

MGR will also do product development for SSangyong and Nanjing Auto, including new models, redeveloped existing models, and liscensing out engines/vehicles etc and in return will have the use of Ssangyong IP to develop MPV/SUV/4x4 models.

MGR will get revenues from liscensing out their IP to SAIC, Ssangyong, Nanjing Auto.

MGR are rolling in cash (well PVH anyway) but have been playing the 'we're gonna go bust soon' card in order to get SAIC and the UK/Chinese governments to support them more and get a more favourable deal. When the deal's done it will be realised just how strong MGR will become, instead of the non-threatening company SAIC thought they'd be.

MGR will develop divisions (brands etc) that have nothing to do with SAIC, though they will benefit from IP developed for SAIC.

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