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Hi all,
I own a MG3 2012 (caribbean) and recently the car had issues with fan motor that went bad and caused overheating and another issues came with that is the radiator tank cracked. Ok. After removing everything..replaced the fan motor,and radiator.put everything into place. The car won't start ! Fuel pump doesn't come on (sound) when turning ignition and also doesn't have spark. Fuel pump was tested with live feed and works. This model MG3 does NOT come with innertia fuel cut off switch !! (I've read it in so many threads). What can my problem be? I've check someone to scan thecar and came to a faulty coolant sensor. Changed it...but still no start. Engine cranks but won't start. All fuses were checked and relays seems fine. But couldn't pin point the exact relay of the fuel pump or ignition. There is 4 relays in the passenger fusebox with "R" on it. But I don't have a clue what they are. I was thinking it may be the crank sensor but i said let me check here first prior to going down that lane. If it so, if the crank sensor was to be changed....can you start the car or does it HAS to be relearn first?

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