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new zr interior to rover 200?

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is it possible the interior of the new zr to fit in a bubble rover 200?
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Basically yes, quite a few different parts, including door cards, wing mirror covers and of course seats, steering wheel, dash insert and heater surround.
It will all fit as long as the donor ZR has the same number of doors. Check out Ebay - there's a BRM full red leather interior up for grabs at the moment.
Red leather in a blue car.... eeeek!!!!!!!
Mmmm, I see where your coming from!! How about the rear seats and centre console from a streetwise, that would be so cool!
Except of course you wouldn't be able to get three in the back, so I guess the mother-in-law would have to catch the bus......this just gets better by the minute!!!!
I'd love the seats from a streetwise... I've yet to come across any for sale tho
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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