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New TT Mk4/4s £250

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Before you ask the TT stands for Trevor Taylor not that squashed-Golf Audi thing!

As a result of a rebate from the manufacturer (for late delivery) I am able to pass that saving onto buyers of the TT Mk4/4 exhaust for MGF/TF. So I have reduced the price of a TT Mk4/4 to £250 for the exhaust and £25 for the finishers.

Those who have already ordered the exhausts will get a rebate. This brings the TT Mk4/4 price back to its previous level and offers unbeatable value on the Stainless Steel performance exhaust front.

I expect that the Germans will increase their order as a result, which means currently over half of the TT Mk4/4 batch will be going overseas!!
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