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Just a brief comment on the new Toyo TR1 tyres I have recently fitted on my TF (16 inch wheels).
Previously I found a bit of wander on the Falken 914's that I had fitted before I replaced them with the new tread pattern TR1 Toyos. That has completely disappeared with the new Toyo treads.
I replaced the rears first and last week I had the fronts changed over so I had a full set.
When I had the tyres fitted, I inspected the sidewall on them and found it to be extremely substantial, much improved on the T1-R tyres that the new TR1's replaced.
I have just completed the FRL 2020 run, travelling down from Staffordshire, driving around the M25 and returning back up the M1 and M6 all during the extreme conditions of storm Denis.
The new Toyo tyres performed absolutely fantastic with superb road holding and stability, even with the excessive surface water experienced over the last couple of days. I have total confidence in the wet and dry performance of these tyres, much better than the Falkens and a mile better than the old pattern T1-R Toyo tyres.
I can fully recommend these tyres on the 16 inch wheels. In 16 years of TF driving, these are the best tyres I have driven on.

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