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Do you think it will be possible to fit the rather nice 'NEW STYLE' steering wheel and column stalks (DUE IN JUNE 2002) into existing 200/25/ZR and 400/45/ZS models ?
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Cor! Gimme a chance.....I haven't even seen them yet!

In my (Volkswagen) past, I has a MKII Golf in which I fitted MKIII Column Stalks, which were completely different looking but fitted no problem.

I expect the 'new' stalks would indeed fit earlier models, although a change of switch housing/mounting may be required...
Yep, probably, fingers crossed. The only problem being is the airbag & wiring connectors.....a MK2 MGF Airbag with the coloured logo is over £400, as Nick Walters found out!

We live and hope:)
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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