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Nissan is bringing value to small and medium businesses with modern and smart transport in the fast growing vans market.

Nissan will introduce new versions of its Primastar and Interstar vans in October as part of a commercial vehicle offensive beginning this autumn.

The improvements to Primastar and Interstar are comprehensive and were focused on upgrading the engine, equipment levels and gearbox. Thanks to the improvements, buyers and operators of the new Primastar and Interstar will enjoy car-like features, performance and refinement.

Primastar and Interstar’s upgrades also include a new range of engines and gearboxes.

Co-developed with Alliance partner Renault, the new 2.0-litre dCi engine is now available on Primastar with outputs of 90 and 115hp. The rest of the engine range includes an upgraded 2.5-litre dCi developing 150hp. The engine line up on Interstar has been simplified to one 2.5-litre dCi powertrain available with three outputs: 100, 120 and 150hp offering improved performance and refinement. Service intervals have remained unchanged (20,000 or 30,000km depending on engine or 2 years).

This comprehensive diesel offering on both Primastar and Interstar will be Euro 4 compliant at launch. Emission levels are cut significantly (50% for NOx) while maintaining the same level of refinement, consumption and performance. In addition both vehicles will be available with a diesel particle filter (DPF) – which eliminates 99.9% of diesel engine emissions – as standard fitment on the 2.5-litre dCi 150hp engine.

In order to cope with the torque increase of the new diesel engine line up, the Primastar and Interstar will be available with a new 6-speed gearbox range of manual and robotised transmissions offering improved reliability and performance.

The Primastar and Interstar also feature a number of equipment upgrades, bringing safety and driving comfort to a level previously unseen in this segment.

Nissan has been listening to owners of the current Primastar and Interstar. Following their feedback, the updated vans now offer the option of intelligent windscreen wipers, as well as auto lighting in order to improve convenience, driving comfort and safety in inclement conditions. This evolution has been made possible thanks to a new Electronic Control Unit operating through multiplex wiring technology. Common to both Primastar and Interstar are a new optional 3-button key selective opening system, as well as stronger, higher mounted hooks in the loading area. Fleet customers can also specify a unique third factory key option, particularly relevant for a vehicle used by more than two operators.

Other features to improve the day-to-day convenience of Primastar are the fitment of car derived parking sensors and increased electrical capacity, up to 850A, bringing added convenience of use.

Special attention has also been paid to improve Primastar’s passenger safety. A vast array of equipment such as Emergency Brake Assist, auto door lock, passenger airbag disconnect, speed limiter, thorax side and windows airbags help position Primastar as one of the safest vehicles in its class.

In terms of safety, Interstar has not been left behind: ESP linked to ABS is now available. This feature will dramatically improve active safety in extreme driving conditions.
Automatic door locking, speed limiter and factory fitted foglights are other features bringing passenger car-like safety to the Interstar.

The design evolution of new Primastar and Interstar reinforces their blend of dynamism, while keeping the authentic robust look that has made these two products key players in their respective segments.

On Primastar, front and rear headlamps, front grille and turning indicators have been redesigned while the colour range has been extended. Front and rear bumpers have been reinforced to improve the shock resistance and there is now a clear distinction between van and minibus versions.

On Interstar, cosmetic changes include the introduction of a new exterior colour and a redesigned front bumper in order to increase engine cooling. From now on, fog lamps will be integrated in the bumper at the factory on selected grades.

On the inside, improvements at the manufacturing process have contributed to higher levels of fit and finish, as well as durability for both vehicles.

With refreshed padded materials, Primastar’s new dashboard is now more reminiscent of that found in a passenger car. However, Primastar has kept its interior which has proved popular for both its comfort and durability, while remaining practical.

Interstar’s interior improvements are focused on practicality and user-friendliness. Interstar is now fitted with a larger variety of useful storage areas around the cabin including a new double roof storage and an additional tray on the centre console.

"Following the launch of the all new Cabstar, the upgrades to Primastar and Interstar epitomise Nissan LCV Business Unit’s commitment to long-term growth in Europe. Our focus in Europe is to contribute to the ambitious objectives of Nissan’s performance during the Value Up period, during which one of the primary areas of breakthrough is the global LCV business," said Dominique Correze, Vice President and head of Nissan Europe’s Light Commercial Vehicles Business Unit.

The key commitments for Nissan’s global LCV business as part of the Nissan Value Up plan will see an increase in Consolidated Operating Profit to 8% in Financial Year 2007, double that of FY2004. And global LCV sales will reach 434,000 for FY2007, an increase of 40% compared with FY2004. The plan will allow a stable, continuous growth in profits thanks to a global LCV business perspective, but where local tastes and market conditions are catered for.

Developed within the framework of strategic cooperation with Renault, the Primastar/Trafic/Vivaro compact van, is manufactured at the GM plant in Luton (UK) and at the Nissan plant in Barcelona (Spain). The Interstar/Master/Movano are built at the Renault Batilly plant in France.


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