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Some of the more eagle-eyed members will have noticed that a sub-forum has appeared within the 75/ZT section.

The launch of the ZT V8 and 75 V8 section happened this morning, and will be a valuable area to capture all those discussions and issues that particularly relate to the V8's, rather than being lost in the midst of the 75/ZT section. As you may know, the V8 was unique in the fact that it used a 4.6 V8 Ford engine from the Mustang, and was Rear Wheel Drive, rather than Front Wheel Drive, like all other 75 and ZT's.

As you probably know Rincewind, one of the Moderators on, was directly involved in the development of the V8's, and I'm sure will be on hand to answer any questions that crop up, as he always has been in the past. Similarly, there are other ex-MG Rover development guys on the forum, who will also no doubt help out where they can.

The only thing left for me to do is to declare the sub forum open, cut the tape, and smash the bottle of champagne on the side of someones ZT or 75 V8. Any volunteers :lol: Thought not, oh well, I'll have to drink the champagne to myself. :rofl:
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