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2003 MGTF manual
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Hi All

My name is Colin and I live in Hereford UK.

I am just about retired (still working for a few clients on a part time basis) and after some 47 years of riding motorcycles decided it was time to hang up my helmet.
I have only owned one previous soft top that being the Honda S2000 a cracking car but has to have its neck wrung (i.e. 6000rpm+) to get the best from it, it was sold to provide a cash injection to start my consultancy.

Now I've retired decided I needed a hobby / project and have always had a soft spot for the MGTF so took the plunge and collected last Friday an 03 MGTF with 52,000 miles on the clock.
Whilst the bodywork is in good condition, however the engine (whilst sound), some dubious aftermarket electrics and interior are in need of some TLC
. It was somewhat neglected by its previous owner who had it for 12 years.

That said nothing that needs doing is not fixable and is still able to be driven whilst I do the repairs and replacements.

Hope to find a lot of help and advise when needed for everyone here.
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