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Hello everyone,

I work as a software engineer in my day job, on a daily basis I mostly handle security and industrial communication tasks.
Besides my day-job, I am an embedded hobbyist, a radio amateur and I try to make things in my nearly non-existent spare time (I struggle to be a maker). Some of my friends do know that and they ask my advice as often as possible. I sometimes reball laptops (I hate nvidia GPUs), I replace DSLR miniusb connectors, change phone screens, smd microphones etc. I even fixed a CPU once with knocked-off capacitors, 0604 smd size. I would say my soldering skills are quite good and my understanding is better :)

Now, the reason I registered here is.. one of my friends purchased a tiny MG ZR quite some while ago (about a year or so) and lately his fob range was decreasing and decreasing and sometimes subsequent commands would not work (he had to give the fob a rest between commands) so he decided to go to a battery shop and have his battery replaced. Easy to say, easy to go there, but the battery proved to be very hard to replace for the commercial worker.. He ruined the remote. I attached some pictures of the fob circuit in current condition and something I found over internet to compare against (hmm.. are the attachments working?).

I really need some help to get the missing components values, maybe someone even has a spare 433mhz fob that hey could dissect or send to me (the battery shop offered to pay for the damage they brought to the key.. the car is still parked in front of the battery shop).

Currently I cannot post in the forum category I should post in, I`m not sure why.. besides there were so many forum errors that I don`t have a postal code (yet, I`m not from GBR) so I was hardly able to see some pages until I wrote some random data there... If some admin can help me out to fix my account, I`m grateful!

Please, should someone see this and care about a little MG ZR, be so kind and help me identify the missing components.


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You cannot post poctures on the site since you do have only one post. When post count is larger (over 6 I think), then you should be able to attach pictures.

In the meantime, do you have anywhere else your picture hosted, so you can send link to it?

Anyhow, used fobs can be bought over eBay, maybe that is the way to replace missing parts?
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