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Need some paintwork doing? ... try these guys out.

My P6 needed some paintwork doing.

Nothing major, a front wing (yours truly had dropped a slippery new fuel pump on it) and the rear quarters and roof needed matching up as the other panels were Ford Burgundy Red and the rest Rover Brigade Red.

Prepped the front wing nice and smooth and they did a little bit of rust about the size of a pin head on one rear quarter which was very trivial.

In Celluose....

Not a big ask then.

These guys came up trumps, called on Wednesday, in Thursday morning, got it back this afternoon and a superb, brilliant job for only £400. Very friendly, really professional job. Exact match, glass like finish and they waxed the car up with AutoGlym free of charge. It really looks back to its very best. The burgundy really suits the car, I think its better than the Richlieu Red which is very similar. If you ask they can also put some in aerosol cans for touch up work.

They are G P Auto Craft in Denham, near the old Service Station.

Very recommended, they are also a MG restoration specialist and do modern cars too.

If you need a bit of paintwork doing, give them a call, number is in on

Might post pics at the weekend, I'm still gobsmacked by it.
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