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Directors are supposed to be businessmen, who lead the company, manage its affairs and make strategic decisions. In this respect, the MG-R board of directors are Naive Fools.

They should know from the BMW affair that international business is no 'cricket match', where fair play and gentlemanly conduct apply. It's a cut-throat world where foreign competitors will stop at nothing to get the upper hand.

They should have been aware that SAIC know exactly what state the company is in, and that with every day that passes, MG-Rs bargaining position becomes weaker and weaker.

They've already thrown the 'Cupboard Doors' wide open and given the Chinese access to ALL the technology - EVERYTHING. They don't need a Factory in Birmingham or its 6000 employees. The only thing the Chinese need now is brands - which they will get for a song when the company goes bump.

And if you don't think the situation is this serious, ask yourselves why half the DTI are over in China, pleading with SAIC and throwing 'sweeteners' at them.

At least Jon Moulton from Alchemy wasn't an idiot who would have lead the company into this dark alley, ripe for a 'mugging'.
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