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Chaps, A little help required.

I had the glove box out of my 75 this afternoon to hunt the cable for the Alpine CD changer I obtained off Ebay some time ago. I was looking for a 10 way connector to match the connection on the CD changer, but all I have found is a loose connection with 12 connecting pins and nine cables going into it, which clearly is not the correct fitment.

Cable colours were:
red/ green trace
blue/ orange trace
yellow/ black trace (2 off)
yellow/ blue trace
yellow / brown trace
blue/ brown trace

The connector is marked AMP 967-415-1 and BMW 8 364 646. Can any one tell me what I have found. the Car is a CDT Classic SE, so does not have climate control. Would this be part of the wiring loom for the climate control I do not have, or is this indeed the CD changer cable but the wrong connector?? Everything inside the car appears to work correctly, so I do not think anything has come adrift.

What colour are the wires to the CD changer. I fancy I will have a trip to my local (ex) dealers for the correct wiring loom and connectors (Part No in Mike Ms piece on this site).

Thanks in anticipation.

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