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I tried out Sterling Automotive today which is a new x-part service centre in Eastbourne and have to say my initial thoughts are it is very good. Everyone seems to know what they are talking about and they seem to be interested in the MG brand. They have all worked with mg's for many years.I took my car in for diagnostics as i still have a kangarooing prob on starting, I thought i would be lazy and while having diagnostics get them to fit my rear mud flaps and volumatic sensor as well.
They did the diagnostics free of charge, fitted mud flaps for £20 and the volumatic sensor was £49. I had completely forgotten the sensor I had bought from ebay was an earlier model and therefore didnt work, but they did refit a new arm rest for me- stupid me.
The diagnostics showed it could be the cam sensor so im having a new one next week £65 and vat for sensor and 49.50 labour plus vat.
I can say despite my stupid mistake I will certainly be using them all the time. Their labour charge is £55 per hour which isnt so bad.
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