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Hi All,

This spring our youngest son got his driver's license and ever since he has been scouring the internet for a nice ride that doesn't break the bank. He started out looking at old Jaguars, then started looking at Alfa's, and eventually got interested in the MG F. They seem to hit the sweet spot for him by not being too expensive, being reasonably reliable, good-looking, and fun to drive. We looked at a few items at car dealers and eventually found a nice Racing Green MG F from 1999. From the looks of it, the car started out as an MG F Abingdon, purchased in Germany. It was later imported to The Netherlands (where we live) and someone thought it a good idea to fit it with an MK2 center console and convert the front to an MG TF. All in all, it appears to be a solid car, with some minor body work having been done in the past.
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So far we've serviced the car and replaced the exhaust heatshield (because the mountings had disintegrated). This weekend we successfully replaced the Hydragas spheres with refurbished versions and finally, the ride seems to be as intended.
The air conditioning needs to get checked and hopefully only refilled and the wheels probably need re-alignment as well. We're also considering replacing the hood at some point.

Looking forward to getting some great tips and tricks for owning such a fun car. One thing that still eludes me is how to get the air out the Hydragas system after fitting the new spheres. Any pointer to good instructions will be highly appreciated.

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The best is to post a question in a new thread under MG F/TF section here: MGF and MGTF as you will get the best response from members in that section.

Enjoy your time here.
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