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my pics of missing hose!!!

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right everyone heres my pic tell me whats missing
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Looking on my iPhone it looks like the turbo outlet hose! I could be wrong..Do you get any boost from the turbo?
Looks like someone had a dump valve fitted!

You'll get no boost with the open hose like that.

the boost fires out this cut hose,when i first saw it i thought dump valve also,from my experiance with petrol cars but wasnt sure with it being a diesel,would i not be better to blanck this of?
yup you will be loosing all of your boost preasure out of that blue hose, probably why your engine bay looks black and oily/dirty too. yeah need to plug that hole some how dude
lol not me lol i have had an idea.... depending on how big the hole is..... see if you can get any reducers and use it to plump in a boost guage :D
or alternatively just do what the previous owner did and fit a dump valve there lol.
arnt they about as good as a chocolate tea pot on diesels?

il probably just blank it of,not sure what 2 use yet il think of sumin though.
Big cork :naughty:
or a section of a broom handle / some other kind of wooden dowl or even a magic marker pen or its lid.

just had a fart about wi the mg,i removed the forge dump valve from my rs cossy,and put it on the hose it was a perfect fit,once playing about with it i noticed some small hoses runing with some vacum,they were leaking 2 so i hooked them up 2 my forge and she started 2 dump lol.its not reving past 4000rpm is this normal?it seems plenty being a diesel but just wondered?il pit some more pics up later,show u what ive done but its defo set up by previouse owner with dump valve
400 rpm brick wall is usually iether MAF or wiring to injector 1 at fault....

unplug the maf and if no difference at all then i would say that is the culprit... but check number 1 injector all the same ;)

4000rpm,not 400?weres the maf on this then?
its right behind the air filter box to the right of the engine cover :D
I remeber you

blank it off
we had that blip down the A12 from yarmouth.. ive got the ZS180 with white wheels.. if i remeber rightly u were about 3 inches off my back bumper :p good show .TD POWER :p
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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