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Any Suggestion? on this.. while trying to park in narrow space. this what happen

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Ouch matey, unlucky.
Should be able to pick up a indicator housing, bump strip and maybe a fog surround easily enough, which would help tidy it back up again.

Hard to tell from the picture, is the wing bent at all? or is it just the bumper that is sticking out at the side?
bolt that hold bomper its broken.
Ouch, unlucky bud. Could be worse though, headligjht looks intact! As the guy above said, new indicator, bumper strip etc will be a good start. Might need a whole new front bumper though if you've busted the bit the bolt goes through!
by looking i think i need new/another bumper too but it will work till i get £, searching in ebay for other items.
ouch, one piece bumper too... they're not cheap if you need to replace.
but if it will go back into shape then it'll just need the bump strips and indicators... then a quick respray.
does that damage bumper do any bad to speed or it wont fall of in humps .
you clearly haven't tried taking the bumper off yet. :lol: it won't fall off.
can u show in the picture with name or which is which mate ,, in newbiee in car worlds
things i need to change and things which dont.. in that picture

ok, so... seems i can't do what i'm trying (not my computer) so... the indicator (the bit with the orange bulb) will need changing, the rub strip that's next to it will probably need changing... everything else looks like it should be ok with a good rub down and respray.
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thank you, will do in few days
looks like the wings bent as well, as least scratched.


1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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