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Dear Sir or Madam,

3i's support for UK industry in deals like the one with LDV is so important to UK manufacturing.

I wondered if there is anything you can do for MG Rover.

Although some mistakes have been made at MGR the enthusiasts and car clubs behind MG rover are fully in support of the management. I think they have been vilified by the press here in a way which would not happen abroad.

Also the down turn in sales has hit all manufacturers not just MGR.

This is a potential world beater company and we need the exports and employment

I don't want to see MGR broken up.

They have a great design team, engineers and workforce.

Can you help make the RD60 (45/ZS) five door hatchback a reality and perhaps an MPV. Two vehicles like this would reverse sales and have a halo effect on the rest of the range. Th excellent MG ZT shows what can be done.

They deserve one last chance.

Please help.

MG owners club member
Rover 75 owner
MGF owner
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