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I advised a colleague to post here, she wants a diesel car to tow her caravan. She has a distinct problem with the Rover brand, but appreciates the qualities and value. Her current choice is a Focus C Max 2.0 Ghia diesel, but for 2k Less she could have a 75 connosieur SE same age and mileage.

I refuse to advise her further, and want her to make a decision of her own based on the qualities of the cars. My fear is she will not test drive the Rover, and just buy the Ford.

I told her to post in the 75/ZT forum, but she is new to Forums and went general. I suspect many of you never go there (well I don't), so please read her thread and give her an honest comparison, and at least encourage her to test drive the 75.

Just so you know, she is single, buxom and tows her own 2 berth accomodation :lol: (sorry Janette, I had to!!)
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