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My fob has lost it's mojo

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Well... I'm getting problems now with the fob.

I put a new battery in it since I thought that sitting idle for over a year it'd be down, but it still had plenty of charge but renewed it anyway.

I synced it (at least I think I did) and before, I could open and close the car from a distance and now it seems to have lost the signal. Even close to the steering wheel or the antenna on the centre console it won't work and also the immobiliser is giving me problems. It eventually works but after being what seems like ages, so I referred to the manual and it states that when replacing battery, you should unlock the car with the key and press the lock button on the fob until it locks. I do that and it works fine to start it... then I'll stop the engine.. and back to square one after a while. And if I lock it, and open it I can trigger the alarm and then I can't stop it (though I discovered if you put the key in any door lock and open it the alarm shuts up).

I bought a new case for it, since the rubber buttons on the old one were gone.

Any ideas?
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Technozen has a problem thingy on his signature to help diagnose fob problems... may be a dry joint on the pcb board itself as they are prone to it happening.

See this thread...
Thanks for the post... it helped me to find out mine is a 3TXA and all the solderings were fine.

Bout it did help me to fix it... I got a 'wet one' and cleaned it all out with the battery removed. From the old fob, the rubber had melted onto the buttons and the large long bit of the printed circuit, believe it's the aerial/antenna, so gave it a new clean, cleaned the buttons too (that goo is like chewing gum!) and also cleaned the contact of the battery. Seems to work fine now... as in, it's actually doing something everytime I press the button. Before.. you had to press it like 10 times for it to do something.

So people out there.. give it a good clean every once and a while.
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