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My dads looking at a 218 sldi turbo advice please

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Hi guys my dad needs an economical cheap car and a 218sldi has come up. Is there any advice please as we are going to view this evening. I've driven past it and it looks good bar a discoloured and delaquered roof. What sort of mpg do they give and is there anything we should keep an eye on thanks Thomas
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I had one a few years ago, bought it when it had 160k on the clock, put 25k on it in the space of 6 months and sold it on again.

My one was superb, ever reliable and i think bar a set of new tyres and a bit of a tidy up, the front wings were as usual pretty rusty i did'nt spend a bean on it.

I think i was getting just over 50 mpg, most of the driving was a 2 hour trip on A roads not motorways.
Thanks well been to see it and found out he's a rover enthusiast. I've delivered to him as I drive the tesco home delivery vans. He's got a saloon vitesse. Any way the cars red has done 107,000 miles taxed till the end of november and motd till July next year there's no and I mean no rust has electric windows mirrors and sunroof and alloys. My dad drove it and he said it had some pull so all in all a bargain for only £300.
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