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Hi there,

My Rover 75 diesel died on me this afternoon 80 miles from home. It started ok this morning, but by the time I had parked it up in Telford and returned to it 2 hours later it would not start. I called the recovery company I am a member of and they sent a mechanic to me within 45 mins.
The car would turn and turn, but would not fire. The mechanic checked all the relays these were all ok. He then removed the engine cover and loosened the injectors, apparently there was fuel getting through. He also checked the fuel pump in the engine compartment and said he thought that pump was ok 'because it was pressurising'.
He then took a pipe off the engine and sprayed in some 'easy start', within 5 or 10 seconds the car fired. He advised me to head home and get the car to my local dealer without stopping and turning the car off. I did this and left the car with them, it was 4.15pm when I got there so they will not be able to look at it until tomorrow.
The service manager seemed to think it was probably the fuel pump in the tank, this seems to make sense after reading all previous posts on the forum with regard to starting problems.
I will post an update tomorrow, in the meantime I will be using my wifes Mercedes A Class diesel (slumming it).

Sorry for the long post.


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