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Text copied and pasted from ebay advert:


Ive not owned her long, and i really dont want to sell, as i have spent 1700 on her in the last month but a new arrival means this (my weekend car) and my main car have to go for a 7 seater.....Anyway, back to the car. The pics paint the picture themself, as you can see it really is in good condition, obviously there are some flaws, but it is 10 years old. For its age though, you will struggle to find a better example...
A common thing with all the MGFs is Head gasket falure...I can assure you this will not be a problem due to two reasons...Not too long ago it had a new HG fitted along with a new radiator and hosing just in case...and secondly, i have had a sensor fitted along with a new header tank to alert you of low water (the biggest cause of HG failure is people not topping up).....I bought this sensor kit from the best MG supplier in the UK, Brown and Gammons, here is the link:
I will now detail all the other bits the car has had in the last month:
I have the recipts/invoices for all the above and as you can see if you add it all up, that alone is £1200 pounds, than add the MOT/TAX and the labour for fitting all the above and that takes me to £1800, most of which i will lose in the sale, but my loss if YOUR gain...So hopefully this car will make someone very happy...
On top of that i have also spent just over a hundred pounds on upgrading the T Bar behind the seats to the one with the built in speakers, ive had this painted in black plastic paint and had some infinity reference speakers installed. The car comes with the standard MGF stereo and 6 disc changer in the boot. The link for the Pod is here:
The car has a full service history, although the previous owner did miss a stamp in the book....its due a service soon, and i have just put 12 months MOT and 6 months tax on the car so your ready to go for summer....
  1. Full service history
  2. 12 months MOT
  3. 6 months tax
  4. LOW mileage at 81k
  5. New radiator, exhaust, induction kit, clear lenses, K+N, better brakes, alloy wheels etc
  6. Cream leather interior
  7. Silver dash.
  8. MG Mats
  9. Original MG stereo with 6 disc changer.
  1. Small amount of rust on drivers sill.
  2. Small chip in windscreen (passed MOT 100% ok)
  3. Gear Gaiter has dropped out of clips...Needs reclipping.
One thing i must say is the wheels will only come with the car if the BUY IT NOW is achieved, otherwise the standard wheels will be put back on and the new ones made available for sale....Please bear this in mind when bidding
Thats about it....All i need to add is i am very sorry to see this go, it never fails to put a smile on my face, especially on hot days. I really do look after this car, i wash it 3 times a week and once a fortnight i use the Meguiars 3 stage process of waxing/polishing on it...
Please, if you have an enquiry, then do not hesitate to ask....i can be called on 07791671784 and i will endeavour to answer any questions as honestly as is humanly possible. I will tell you now the reserve is 3k on the car, which if you ask me is a snip.... given i paid more than that without anything done to it.....The car is also on the MG Forums, pistonheads and Autotrader, so i reserve the right to remove it at anytime.
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