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04 MG TF Sunstorm 135
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Hi there, hope everyone has nice plans for their weekend. I've been looking around mg forums and tried to get a small list of common mods people have done to their TF's and the one that pops up very often is a decent 421 manifold. As of 2021 I can only really find one fabricated by MS or some cheap 200 quid eBay special. Are they really worth it or should I just invest in a decent cat-back exhaust? TT mk7 or supersport etc.

I've replaced the panel filter with a piper cross one which seems like a better value option than a full cold air intake kit. Other than a Spax suspension kit are there any other parts that were upgraded or better on the 160 trophy models that can easily be retrofitted or something in that vein?

TLDR: Must have mods that are easily attainable in 2021? and won't cost more than a couple of 100? :)
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