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PASS woohooo..... Sailed through, I had a few pre MOT checks and had to change the CV Joint Gaitor and tighten my hand brake... oh and I changed my green LED side llights back to white ones, other than that everything was ok.......
One problem though on the way home, it had been raining very hard and i had no chioce but to go through a rather large puddle (slowly) (I Usually avoid puddles as the water does not bode well with my little rover). Now my speed dial needle does not work everything else is ok petrol gauge, water temp gauge and Rev counter. I pressume something must have got wet but I'm not too sure where to look does anyone have any suggestions?

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Well done mate, always a great feeling when your car passes it's MOT!
Nice one mate, i had mine yesterday and it only failed on registration bulb which was working when i checked all my bulbs the day before :) and offside track rod end ball joint no advisory things so not bad for an 11 year old motor
I'd have a look at the connector to the speedo transducer (back of gearbox above diff), they are prone to water ingress. Take it off & give it a spray with WD.
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