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MOT Pass today, but help needed please.

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Hi All,

My 1995 MGF passed another MOT today, but I had some advisories that I need your help with please.

Has anyone had the same advisories, or knows what they will be referring to please?

I haven't got under the car to take a look around yet, as basically it too cold for my delicate Southern hands this evening lol :)

Thanks in advance.
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The lower arm bush/pin I would have thought pretty obviously refers to the lower suspension arm pivot - if no movement detected it is probably not going to prove an issue, but may deteriorate over the next 12 months to a point where there will be sufficient movement by the time of the next MOT test for it to result in a fail.

The corrosion is of greater concern. "Suspension mounting prescribed area" means part of the vehicle body structure within 30cm of the mounting point of a suspension component, and in my experience having such an advisory this year will lead to an outright fail for "excessively corroded/seriously weakened" at the next MOT test if the situation is not attended to soon after the advisory has been given. As there are limitations imposed upon testers as to the degree of poking and prodding that they are permitted to do during the test, you may find either that it is just a layer of rust scale that can be cleaned away, leaving solid clean metal which can be treated and repainted, or you may find that there are already rust pinholes through the metal that will require some welding doing.

I had a similar advisory for the front subframe on one of my ZRs a few years ago ie. "starting to corrode", but when I removed it and cleaned the scales of rust off, found several holes that I could fit one or more fingers into. Had the tester realised it was at that stage, it would have been an outright fail, so I would always stress that if an advisory for corrosion is mentioned, it is important to attend to it ASAP.
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'Prescribed area' refers to any part of the vehicle main structure/body which is within 30cm of the mounting point of any load-bearing component which is covered by the MOT test. To quote the MOT testing manual:
  • load-bearing parts of the vehicle to which testable items are mounted – these items are in Sections 1 (brakes), 2 (steering), 5 (axles, wheels, tyres and suspension) and 7 (other equipment) of the inspection manual
  • any load-bearing or supporting structure or supporting panelling within 30cm of the mounting location
Parts of the sills are often included due to proximity not only to suspension mounting points, but also to mounting points for seat belts and seats.
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