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MOT Pass today, but help needed please.

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Hi All,

My 1995 MGF passed another MOT today, but I had some advisories that I need your help with please.

Has anyone had the same advisories, or knows what they will be referring to please?

I haven't got under the car to take a look around yet, as basically it too cold for my delicate Southern hands this evening lol :)

Thanks in advance.
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Interestingly I see no picture in first post and if I try to put only posted URL in web browser, it says Web page cannot be found.
I assume that must be down to where I have the image stored = in my Imgur photo storage account. Can you see it by viewing the post in the forum generally though, not just trying to see the individual photo?
I cannot see the photo in any way, which is odd as others seems to see it.

Today is May 13th, but I wonder if this problem has to do something with this announcement:

Or you have country restrictions.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts