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MOT Pass today, but help needed please.

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Hi All,

My 1995 MGF passed another MOT today, but I had some advisories that I need your help with please.

Has anyone had the same advisories, or knows what they will be referring to please?

I haven't got under the car to take a look around yet, as basically it too cold for my delicate Southern hands this evening lol :)

Thanks in advance.
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Ian looks like your soft southern hands are going to be covered in rust flakes and various chemicals, hopefully that's all it will take. Then next year you can look forward to something like "unable to inspect due to area covered by paint, liquid, gunk etc"
I'm scared to treat the underside of mine as it will probably be an advisory for evermore, I know they do a difficult job but advising an OE undertray is fitted seems a bit daft but pops up all the time.
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts