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MkII Dash in Carbon Fibre, who wants one?

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Hi guys,

I'm commisioning a new dash facia in Carbon Fibre for my ZS MkII. I hate the horrible, cheap looking silver and its driving me mad, totally ruining what could be a nice interior.

I'll be getting:
The main fascia
Ash tray cover
The "strip" that goes along the dash in front of the passenger
*Possibly* the gear surround

I'm currently looking at delivery of around Mid-End November and I've been considering getting the moulds made and selling a few to other enthusiasts.

So just so we can get prices etc and work out timescales, who would be interested? It'd be a straight replacement for the current parts with no mods required and finished in the highest quality, covering all the parts listed above.

I haven't even got ballpark figures yet but I'm definately getting mine done so I'm sure some others must be interested.
Certainly not interested in making any profit of it so it'd purely be sold at whatever it costs me to get 'em made.

Lets have a show of hands!
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Id be intrested price dependent. Is yours the none climate control facia?
same here price dependant, mines the non-climate control version :)
I was wondering if you were getting rid of one of these and was thinking you might be going for one with all wood and chrome. Is there a Mk2 45 with climate control?
The 45's have the dark oak facia's dont they? and yes some have climate control. I totaly agree with the op, the center console totaly lets down the mk2 dash. It would be spot on in carbon fibre with the alloy heater control and instrument panel rings. Would look bang up2 date
I could be interested if it's done well, all for lightness.
Thanks for the replies guys. I'll be keeping cost down to an absolute minimum but not sacrificing quality at all. It has to look absolutely perfect and slot straight in as a direct, no-mod-needed replacement - those are my goals!

Is there anyone out there with a spare fascia for the non climate control model that could be used to model off? or someone relatively near me that would be willing to have it used a couple of times?

We should have a first draft price mid next week.

I too would be interested if the gear surround is made and the price is reasonable. Thanks
Got an initial mockup being made and fitted hopefully by Thursday so will have pictures then. Hopefully a ballpark price then as well.

MK1 mod to double din

Im interested if you can get a MK1 with double din Mod....?
Hi Guys,

Sorry for the delay, been having a few personal problems over the past few days.

I have had the first 'draft' as it were, delivered and it looks very good (if a little thin) but a few minutes after it arrived the girlfriend chucked me out of the house and it sort of got forgotten about.

I'm trying to get back in to get it back (sod my clothes etc ;) ) and will post pics as soon as I can.

From the first draft the price for the Mk 2 dash (I don't think we can do a MkI but will look into it in the future) plus gear surround and the strip across the passengers side comes to about £90 plus delivery, if we can get a reasonable amount of people interested. I'm also hoping to get that reduced a bit with some shrewd negotiation.

What's everyones initial thoughts on the cost?

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im 101% interested if it's available in non climate control form :)
Sound good to me mate sorry about your difficult times hope your sorted soon thanks.
if the woods not your thing what about the mg fascias or simply wrapping them in a film...if you actually remove them and wrap them properly then it will look a hell of a lot better but not with the attatched price tag ?
Im interested if you can get a MK1 with double din Mod....?
i looked into this and couldnt see it happening space is at a hell of a premium behind the 45 dash. I took a chisel and hacksaw to the rear of my dash and now the stereo and wiring are **** easy to slot in but with all the heater controls below and clock above it aint gonna happen in the centre...stick with a fold out or seperate screen..Ginge
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