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Standard front and rear springs - from K reg 214 - £20

Manual steering rack - from K reg 214 - £10

Power Assisted Steering system: rack, pump, brackets and some pipes. NB some pipes are missing or have been cut so will need replacement - from J reg 214 - £25 (rack provisionally sold) - rest of system still available

Complete single point fuel injection system: air filter, inlet and exhaust manifolds, injector/"throttle body", mounting brackets, loom. And Spi MEMS ECU as well - from J reg 214 - £25

Rear lamp clusters: left and right - perfect condition, includesbulb holders, securing nuts, and trim panel (the bit in the boot you remove to get at the lamps) - £20 for the pair

Electric mirrors - left and right inc inner trim panel, securing screws and dash mounted switch - £25

Electric raditor fan - £5

Clock - still on rather poor looking wooden trim, but can remove if reqd - £2

I can post all items at Parcel Force rate, plus a couple of £'s to cover the wrapping, or possibly deliver if in Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire or Surrey; email for details.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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