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Hi all,

Found another problem with my poorly idling 220 gsi today. When starting it this morning, the car is suffering from a very slight mis fire and a tapping sound. I let the car tick over, openned the bonnet and listened.

The tapping sound, is coming from the cambelt side. Sounds like a tappet or something. Now, in the supra world, a mis fire from startup with idicate a HG, as the collant has entered the cylinder, and this causes a misfire. But in the rover world what could this be ?? After a 40 min drive, all is ok. Is it a stick valve ? This causes more problems whilst driving. Bit of **** in the oil ways ?? straving a tappet ?? If so, why a mis fire ??

Also, what are your 2l engines like in regards to vibrations ?? If I take mine up to 5/6k revs, the whole car shakes. Ive dipped the clutch and let the car roll, and its smoothe. Its definately the engine that causes the whole car to vibrate. Engine mount??

Its a very low mileage engine 32K, so Im assuming it has carbon'ed up or lacquired up. I think I need to oil flush it due to the previous owners short journeys. Any tips ??

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