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Righty Ho....

No matter how much I put windows up and down, the rear passenger continues to beep, have now had 2 controllers from ebay, both are the same, would it be easier if I were to get a loom for the controller from the scrappy (am I right in assuming that it is only a relativley short section from the fuse box and not a massive rewire from passenger door??)

Secondly - No mirrors working, left works when it feels like it (had a right hand one from scrappies as one that came with car didn't work either) - Loom again??

also, I seem to remember a post that said the writer's cd changer wouldn't work due to a problem with the beepy business, neither did his lazy locking work (mines doesn't either) any ideas?? I've just bought a cable for the standard head unit in the car but still getting "CD Error" - New 6 disck orig multichanger purchased - is the wiring knackered or what? would I be better off just getting a new section of loom for the window/door controller (all other windows work fine, as does sunroof, only rear passenger giving me jip - on ALL controllers bought so far)

Any info gratefully appreciated

PS - Did the Head Gasket - was shot, 2 1/2 days and £85, well chuffed with meself.. relativley easy if you take the advice you get on here and marry it with the Hayne's manuel..
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