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Mileage Query

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i have a rover 25 1.4i 16 valve on a 2002 plate.

on half a tank i can only get 160 miles so on full tank i can only get 320 on a full tank, .

the tank holds 50 litres and i go to esso which charges 111.9pl

is this good or bad for my rover 25? it has had an oil filter and oil change a few weeks ago and also had a service in january this year, a major service where everything was changed.

how often shud spark plugs be changed and how cud i make the fuel go longer ?
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How long is a piece of string?.....

All depends where your driving, how your driving and whats in the car..

When i check my MPG i use the milage on the trip computer with the amount of fuel that i put in.

(I fill the car to the top every time and reset the trip computer each time)

Check your tyres are the correct PSI and remove anything from the car that doesnt need to be in there.

Try to de accellerate (sp?) rather than brake when approaching junctions etc and change up through the gears at lower revs

I am averaging 43 Mpg at the minute on my 160 so you should be able to get it to around that.

Hope this helps

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Yes that is lower than what I have been getting (up to 120 miles on a quarter of a tank)
Hmm depends on a lot of things. I got 108 miles from £20 worth of fuel, my mpg is horrendous tbh! I reckon it's because I live up a hill, so every time I come home it's extra work for the car to get up it, hills kill economy.
You will not be able to fill much more than 40 litres I bet.

When I had a 1.4 I was getting around 250 miles to a tank, 300 from my 1.8vvc.
Not bad tbh
yeah they do have a 50L tank but the guage on the dash reads red when you still have 10L or so left in the tank. when i have my 216is i ran mine from full down to the red and because payday was a week away i carried on using it to get to work for the rest of the week, when i got paid i went straight to the pumps and i STILL only managed to put 46L in her.
my diesel is similar (has a 50L tank) the most ive EVER managed to put in her was 48.79L and thats running under the red mark on the guage.

my milage on my 1.6L was about 280miles per 42L (30mpg) in town

my 2.0L diesel on the other hand manages 320miles on 40L (36mpg) in town
and 480miles on 46L (45mpg) on a long motorway trip

but i do have a habbit of being a bit heavey footed, especialy with my diesel as i love the torque to much.
I use this site

seems reliable to me. i usually get between 30 and 35 MPG normal driving, i live in a small town and drive up a large A road a lot. i get 40 if i drive on a motorway for a bit.
Fuel economy? My shoes are lined with lead. I might as well be driving a rangerover sport. Petrol is that expensive now, so I stopped looking and started filling her up coz i'm past caring.
You will not be able to fill much more than 40 litres I bet.

When I had a 1.4 I was getting around 250 miles to a tank, 300 from my 1.8vvc.
Not bad tbh
Are the VVC's actually more economical that the other variants? Ashy said they were as well, but I wondered if it was, then why are all of the official fgures lower than the other engines?

Just interesting, I had the 1.4 and moved to the 1.8 (non VVC) and there isn't much if any difference in petrol consumption, both are shocking tbh :lol:

I'm going for a VVC next so if it's worse then I'm in trouble, I'm already getting about 25mpg! :err:
I tend to get 75-85 miles per quarter tank, got bout 95 on a steady motorway journey.
I have a Rover 216 ('98) and when driving on the motorway (say 70 m/h) I get some 320 miles from a full tank.

However I have noticed that the Rover fuel gage is not dropping at a constant speed (guess this is due to the form of the fuel tank, since both my old as my current Rover 200 series do this). So the first quarter/half of the tank seems to be going pretty fast, but once it is past the halfway mark it seems to do a lot longer with the same amount.

Last thing that always makes me laugh at the pump is the "50 liter" tank. I have never driven it empty, but my absolute record is 34 liters and that was with the needle pretty much on the lowest possible level :).

By the way: Do Rover's have a warning light on the dash when you are running on fumes?
I have been wondering about mine lately...

Im not even over 200 miles and im below the half way mark by a fair whack.

When I went to southend, I hit 250 before the half way mark. It really goes to show the difference between long and small journeys. Im not heavy footed, but Im not light either I guess.
Rover fuel gauges are not the best. I usually get about 38mpg ish w/1400.
Yes, my fuel gauge wavers quite a bit when travelling, not massively so, but it does rise and fall then rise again on occasion very slightly.
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