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MGZTT 180 Auto+ Help[ Needed PLease

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Hi Everyone,
My MGZTT 180 Auto + broke down yesterday. After starting in a car park and driving out, Wifey turned off engine whilst sitting in traffic, on re-starting engine fired then stopped. AA came out, checked all the obvious ( And I have again) No fuel getting to inlet manifold. Fuel pumps have no power. Checked everything I can think off so far, Fuel pump has orange clip mod, there is fuel in the line as I have primed it through. What else can cause the pumps to shut off?
PLease someone help.....Need the beast back on the road...
If its easier to explain on Phne send number can call ( Land line its free for me)
Thanks in advance everyone...I love my car...its been fab , first time the Beast has let me down.
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Bumped for your benefit Jak----post getting rather long in the tooth with no response.
Does the engine turn over?
Welcome to the forums by the way----admire your patience----help WILL be forthcomeing I am sure
In the event of a crash there is an engine cut out in the area of the passenger glove compartment, reset required?
Sorry, not familiar with your model car

Could be water in your plennum chamber has flooded your engine computer unit?
Insert "spyhole mod" into search at top of page to find out about this important fact which can cause grief with our MGR cars
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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