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Dear All,
I have just purchased a 51 reg MGZT-T, must say I am so very pleased to date just wonderful.
However my 6CD changer doesnt work tried blast of air to no avail!!!
Considering purchasing a replacement, here lies the problem. How will i find out which changer it is without removing it. The car has TV ,Sat Nav etc.
Rob j

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Hi Rob, welcome to the forums. :)

I know there was an option to fit a Kenwood cd changer on the ZT-T...I've got a funny feeling it's likely to be a Kenwood. :)

If the headunit is a Kenwood it'll definately be a Kenwood changer as no other manufacturers changer would work unless it was an RF changer. :)

Unless you got lucky and you've got the Harman Kardon setup then it's not going to be a Kenwood. If that's the case I'm sure one of the ZT-T lads will know what to get! :)

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If you have the original OEM double din sat nav head unit then the changer fitted will be one of the following Alpine units made specifically for the 75/ZT:

XQE 100430
XQE 105560
VUB 102140
VUB 105400

Most likely one of the top two. They are interchangeable so, as long as you buy one with the one of the above part numbers on then you are OK. They sell them new in the on line shop on here, or you can find them easily for sale on ebay s/h.


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