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MGZT-T CDTi Cutting out

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Help needed please.
I have an 03 plate zt-t 2.0 cdti with 63000 on the clock which has developed cutting out prob. I am not much of a mechanic and am on an overstreached limited budget so any help would be really appreciated. I am also too old to understand all the technical stuff.
The prob. started 5 weeks ago on way to work when the car seemed to hold back for just a second then was ok again. 2 or 3 miles further on it cut out alltogether. It restarted after a couple of turns of the key and I continued my journey to work. On my return journey it cut out again about 5 times in the space of 5 or 6 miles, after chewing on it restarted each time although reluctantly. It drove home after that with no prob (10 miles). Drove it to my local garage next day no prob. I was told the fuel hose to under bonnet pump was perished at the end and leaking slightly. Prob solved I thought, drove 800 miles+ before it did it again only it will not start again now and has to be towed home each time. After standing for a while it will start and drive as normal until it cuts out again. I renewed the in tank pump and the ub pump as your forums suggest as the tank one was iffy when tested. Took car to work last night -cut out on the way !!!!!!!!! the fuel is always higher than 1/4 tank and plenty fuel getting through.Any pointers please. Thank you.
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I would start for sure (here in Portugal) to take her to a T4 session, remember there are other obdII systems out there, but in my experience only T4 retrieves all kinds of "useful" info (the numbers usually don't match)...

I'm not sure if it's expensive there, here it rates at +- 30€ (£26) for a session.
Thank you,
I might just have to do that in the end.
Have you tried unplugging the MAF sensor? , I had similar problems but didn't get the complete cut out that you have experienced.

to unplug it you will probably need to unscrew the air filter cover to get at the connections. If everything improves then you'll know what needs replacing.
Had a similar problem with mine, turned out to be a bad connection inside the fuel rail pressure sensor plug (a known fault). With car started gently wiggle the wires going into the plug (on the end of the fuel rail). Mine cut out every time I did this.
Might not be the problem but its a quick and easy check.
Hi, yes I have tried unplugging the maf sensor. The car still cuts out.
Thanks for the reply.
Sounds exactly like mine a couple of weeks ago, Like others have said pull the connector off the MAF, If it runs near enough then thats the problem, Just needs a new MAF, Common problem.
Injector leakback, in tank fuel pump, underbody fuel pump, maf would probably be last thing to cause cutting out, do search on leakback test
Thank you all for your advice. colinb444 I will try that in the morning thank you.
I ran the car all last week with the MAF sensor disconected and it was still cutting out. Have reconected it now incase it does any damage. Have read on previous posts about Fuel pressure sensor, is there any way to test this ?
Could be the cam sensor or it's electrical connection on the blink. If the ECU is not getting information as to where the pistons are it won't inject any fuel.

Thank's colvert, will check this too.
Is there any way to test these sensors or do you just replace them, or is this what a T4 shows up, whatever that consists of ??
It does sound like an electrical fault and if so then a T4 session would show the fault logged in the ECU.

Hello all,
just spent all day under the bonnet checking out the bits you all suggested.Could not find any loose or faulty wires, connections or anything out of the ordinary.Took it for a 40 mile run with my friend following (with the tow rope) just in case. Sods law it ran perfectly.
What I have just discovered 1/2 an hour ago when I decided to check the earth on the ECU (after finally gaining access) was that the "plenum chamber" (I think it is called) in which the ECU is housed, had about 3 to 4 inches of water in it as the drain hole was blocked solid. I have now cleared the blockage and am about to get the hair dryer in to dry things out a bit. I have no idea if this will solve the prob or if it has done any damage, only time will tell but I would urge you all to check yours NOW as I think this could prove to be very be expensive. I hope this will be of some use to someone.
I am most grateful to all who replied to my post, this is a great site. Thank you. Will report back in a while and let you know if this has solved the prob.Take care, and get your drains cleared !!!
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Strange as it may seem the unblocking of the plenum drains is one of the first things normally suggested on the forum.
Lots of the ECU's do recover on being dried out. Good luck with your's.

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