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As part of the club, we currently have a small amount of merchandise available, with plans to expand the list.

Price list for the current merchandise available:

Regular club stickers:£2.50
Large club stickers (ideal for putting at the top of either front or rear windscreens):£5.50
Metallic stickers can be ordered, but for an extra cost.
Stickers can be posted if needs be, for the same price.

Polo Shirts (have club logo at top left at front, and the website address for the forum across the back) colours available Red, Yellow, Black, White, Light Grey, Royal Blue, Navy, Deep Navy, Bottle Green, Orange, Burgundy:£15.00

These can be ordered at the meets, payment taken at the time, for delivery at the next meet.

As and when we have extra items, the list will be updated :broon:

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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